+ Byrn +

Happy Inq 28th!

Another long hiatus between posts, life gets in the way sometimes as we all know too well.

So, new house, new hobby area, and a new Inqu][sitor character – Byrn!

Started with Pious Vorne as the base model, cut off and replaced the right arm with a Necromunda Escher arm, and cut the tiara from her head.

Took a pair of flame-throwers from the Primaris Aggressor kit, cut them down rather drastically and glued them under the forearms.

The flamers are ridiculously large, but what’s a girl to do?

Turned the sideways-mounted Pious Vorne fuel-tanks upright, added some bits from an old 1/35th tank chassis and added an Admech gauge.

The curly-wurly new hoses were made with my Greenstuff World tube-roller.

Finished off the flamers with some brass strip cut from an old Forgeworld brass etch sprue.

Ms Byrn is first of a new Imperial warband joining the pursuit of the heretical Inquisitor Kallatar…

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