T][tans – The Harpy

A new addition to join the Titans crew (The Hoplite and Medusa) – the Harpy.

Made primarily from a Warcry Chaotic Beasts Fury body with a Melusai torso to feminise the Fury, then cut and re-positioned the Dark Eldar Scourge legs into the aggressive posture.

The shield and right fore-arm are from a Warcry Spire Tyrants Pit Veteran, left arm and hook-knife from a Daughters of Khaine Khinerai Life Taker.

To tie her into the serpent theme of the Titans she has the snakey Daughters of Khaine Melusai Blood Sisters helmet, with the neck sculpted from Apoxie Sculpt and the hair sculpted from greenstuff/milliput mix.

Probably needs some more detailing on the strap-to-armour connection… also might change the tail out, might not.

Until then, thanks for looking!

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