WIP pics of a 2nd Female Space Marine to join Sister Sin, who was built for the @28_mag https://28-mag.com/2021/05/16/the-second-28magchallenge-for-2021-the-female-space-marine-project/

Built a similar pedestal-style base with steps, using cork and sheet styrene.
Needs a few more techno-widgets and a skull or two…

The original Stormcast body was cut at the waist and rotated more to increase the dynamics of the pose.
The wrist of her sword hand is going to be turned out to angle the blade away from her.
Wondering what to do about her non-existent left arm and hand…

Reconstructed the sword hilt using brass and a glass bead.
Will add a bolt-pistol holster on the right thigh, might sling a bolter from her somewhere…

Lots to do!

Thanks for looking!

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