Been a while (yet again…) so here’s some WIP pics of a third female Spacemarine to go with Sister Sin and Sister 2 – who is still awaiting some robe sculpting.

She’s a big girl with a pimped-up jetpack and a superhero landing pose.

She’ll be holding a big old battle-ax in her raised left hand.

The Stormcast base model is Gardus Steel Soul; his armoured torso was sliced and scraped and sanded and filled with putty to get the clean chest – I’m trying to decide whether to add an Aquilla or some other embellishment.

The jet-pack was from the old Sanguinary Guard, with the little side jets replaced with Eldar jetbike nozzles, and the main jet replaced with another possibly Eldar/possibly Dark Eldar aircraft nozzle.

The big old shoulder pauldron is a Terminator one, the Lion Pauldron was taken from the right shoulder and transplanted across to the left, with some additional material on top to bulk it up.

The base is entirely scratch-built, a larger version of Sister Sin’s base.

Thanks for looking!

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