+ S][ster Wrath +

Finally (mostly) finished the second female Space Marine started in November last year – Sister Wrath.

Again, the base model was a female Stormcast, which I sliced through horizontally at the waist, then pinned the two halves back together but rotated the torso more to the left. Apoxie Sculpt was used to rebuild her armoured mid-section and fix the the torso in the new position, then finally the front section of robes was re-sculpted with a greenstuff/milliput mix.

Since the first W][P of her I’ve replaced the original blade with a longer and slightly less-curved one from the Warcry Cipher Lords. The slightly curved sword hilt was made by making three shallow circumference cuts in a length of copper tube, before sliding it over the wire pinned through the hand, then carefully bending tube and wire together; the pommel is a glass bead super-glued to the end of the protruding wire, which was then filed down flush with the bead.

Both arms are from the original model however the upper arms were cut away so the arms could be posed to fit; under those nice big shoulder pauldrons the upper arms are simple styrene tube, since they’re barely visible.

The only possible addition I might make to her is to add a holstered bolter on her left thigh – though I’m still trying to make it fit without looking awkward.

The base was a cast-off from a Stormcast Easy to Build kits, and was built up with cork and some tech bits; styrene was glued down to create the smoother carved stone surface, while the cork was left rough for the natural and/or damaged rocks. Tamiya putty was used to smooth over the steps, and a pair of the obligatory 40k skulls were the final touch.

I have no idea where the head came from!

With a name like Wrath, you can bet she’s one angry lass!
Some poor Chaos Marine met his match today!
Wrath has perfected the enemy-intimidating sword-slap-in-the-palm move!

Thanks for looking!

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