+ w][P – Sister Luna +

W][P of Sister Luna – she’s wearing Paladin-armour (similar to Sister Smash – real name pending), toting a BFG* and a hell of an attitude…

* Big Frikkin Gun

For a while now I’ve been trying to outfit one of the Sisters with a sniper weapon but nothing seemed to work; then I discoverd the amazing work of Lunax7070, the undisputed modern-era king of truescale Astartes.

Sister Luna is a shameless tribute-build to Lunax7070’s Astral Claw; that weapon-stance, attitude and aggression really works.

She’s built mostly using Severin from the Steelheart’s Champions, which I bought to use as test models while learning to use oil paints, hence the dramatic monochromatic W][P pics; in full colour she’s grey and blue and green and partially painted and just a mess.

The original model lost his his legs, his head, the gigantic Final Fantasy sword and both arms, and the plumed-helmet he was holding, and transformed from a male Stormcast to an Amazon Astartes.

I replaced the lower legs with Stormcast Paladin legs, as I wanted the armour to match Sister Smash (real name pending); after cutting away the legs I had to sculpt back in the upper thighs and the two pteruges* damaged in the leg removal process.

* Pteruges formed the defensive skirt of leather or multi-layered fabric (linen) strips or lappets worn dependant from the waists of Roman and Greek cuirasses of warriors and soldiers, defending the hips and thighs.

The right shoulder pauldron comes from an old Chaos Terminator, with the little triangles beloved of Chaos scraped off, and the lower trim and guard rebuilt using styrene sheet and some GS; still have to add the tiny rivets on the lower trim to match the upper. The left shoulder pauldron is – as usual – from a Grey Knight Terminator.

Her fore-arms and the basic shape of her BFG comes from a Vanguard-Raptor Longstrike crossbow; I pinned the forearms to the Stormcast torso to get the right position and then used styrene tube and Apoxie Sculpt to build the upper arms.

The ridiculously long crossbow was cut down just forward of the left hand, and the spike-stock was also sliced back. I used styrene sheet and Apoxie Sculpt to build over the crossbow body, then chiselled out the chamber-well and added the bolt-handle.

I imagine her BFG as an Imperial Guard .75 cal* sniper rifle that she liberated and sawed down to Astartes assault-weapon size; there’s the beginnings of some character fluff there but I’ll leave that alone for now. I’m vaguely modelling the BFG off an FN SCAR-H with the M203 attachment, though it’s a bit more chunky and there’s some detailing to go yet – this is a W][P after all.

* Apparently, standard bolter rounds are .75 cal Bolter_Ammunition

W][P-wise – more old-paint removal to occur on the cloak/robe, BFG detailing, rivet detailing on the right pauldron and upper torso, adding a baldric-slung curved short-sword to tie her back into the exisiting Sisters, and adding holstered bolt-pistol secondary on the right hip.

She’s definitely going to lose that itchy trigger finger.

Thanks for looking!

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