WIP pics of a 2nd Female Space Marine to join Sister Sin, who was built for the @28_mag https://28-mag.com/2021/05/16/the-second-28magchallenge-for-2021-the-female-space-marine-project/ Built a similar pedestal-style base with steps, using cork and sheet styrene.Needs a few more techno-widgets and a skull or two… The original Stormcast body was cut at the waist and rotated more to increase the […]

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The Bannerman

Been over a year since I built the Bannerman, finally painted him up. Used a few Vallejo acrylic colors as washes to get a tint of rusty brown and green, then oils over the top. Mostly a Zorn palette – White, Black, Cadmium Red and Yellow Ochre – with added Pthalo Blue and Olive Green. […]

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Three W][Ps

Been in quarantine for 14 days, so while nothing is completed – as is usual for me – here’s three of my current projects. W][P the First – the Archer. She started life as this model I randomly found on Amazon about a year ago: Unfortunately, the horse section was badly miscast – actually, most […]

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T][tans – The Harpy

A new addition to join the Titans crew (The Hoplite and Medusa) – the Harpy. Made primarily from a Warcry Chaotic Beasts Fury body with a Melusai torso to feminise the Fury, then cut and re-positioned the Dark Eldar Scourge legs into the aggressive posture. The shield and right fore-arm are from a Warcry Spire […]

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+ Dyce +

The axe lady commeth… here’s Dyce. Primarily built from the Necromunda Escher chem-thrower body. Removed the belt and mini-tabard completely, rebuilt the rim of the armour-bra, and added some extra armour sections to both front and back. Both forearms are from Sisters of Silence, the axe arm upper is a Melusai part, as is the […]

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Heavy war machine rider Payn joins the (as yet undecided) new Inquisitorial warband alongside Byrn. Basic Ambot build, added some Dreadnaught shin armour, a few extra tech bits here and there – including the Primaris Aggressor weapon on the left arm. Lastly, cut open the top and jammed a Witch Elf body in there. Thanks […]

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+ Byrn +

Happy Inq 28th! Another long hiatus between posts, life gets in the way sometimes as we all know too well. So, new house, new hobby area, and a new Inqu][sitor character – Byrn! Started with Pious Vorne as the base model, cut off and replaced the right arm with a Necromunda Escher arm, and cut […]

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And – as promised – here’s Margo the Witch Queen.Including all the robe/shawl work, there was a similar amount of conversion work on her as Bob… No chains though! Cut off her face and replaced it with a Witch Elf face.Cut away the moose-antler crown and replaced it.Over exuberantly cut off the top of her […]

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