Quarantine – so plenty of time for (re)learning how to sculpt! Decided these three deserve to be a solo project, not part of any of my pre-existng warbands. Set some build parameters – can only do the conversion work with what I have with me, which is: Greenstuff, milliput and Apoxie Sculpt; some paperclips; and […]

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Since I’m on the move heading back to Australia (and into quarantine) following this long deployment, my Oils-Only painting experiments are on hold. The Beksinski imagery is a Nurgle-inspiration piece – Amazon delivered the Wurmspat kit just days before my departure. Not sure if the trio will be a one-off display unit painted in oils, […]

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O][LS continue…

Onto another Oils-Only… Choose this color palette (image used without permission): To use on the smallest model so far attempted – the Siren from Creature Caster. Had to mod her a little – ditched the claw-arm-dagger-bone things completely, and the shoulder armour, and the cloak parts, and added some extra hair to cover things up […]

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O][Ls go Forth

Skipping forth to number four model – number three was a disaster – in my Oils-only adventures. Another Beksinki palette – burnt umber and the gold/yellow being the main inspiration: You can see the yellow got away from me a little, it has come out too saturated (in comparison to the Beksinski) but for a […]

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Continuing the Oils-only adventure… Another Beksinski inspiration for the palette: This is Telaxia from Artisans Guild in 40mm scale – obviously my green (Viridian) is a lot darker than the Beksinski green): Trying for that white-to-blue ‘magic hands’ glow and OSL effect, kept the rest dark: She was painted primarily in one session of about […]

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Thought I’d try using just oils, thanks to the amazing video tutelage of James Wappel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUCDrGF2doRk9Wf2KPPSyZQ Seriously James has more painting talent in one finger than I have entirely. He is also the King of OSL! Still deployed away from the real hobby desk, but Amazon delivers! Basic oil set (10 colors) and Odourless Mineral […]

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The Orphans

My first day in the Deathwatch is nearly my last. + Thrusters spool down to silence. White light floods in from the opening rear hatch revealing Astartes of many colours: blue and gold Ultras, blood-armoured Angels, bearded, grey-clad, axe-carrying Fenryka and half a hundred others. Penitent, my own armour is stained wholly black, Chapter markings […]

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The Kallatar Revelation

=][= Witch Hunter. I am Kallatar. A monstrous threat rises in the warp; it awoke at Xolomon’s death and did not end with Skvorax. I cannot defeat it alone. We must meet.  =][= + Some months following the Kallatar Revelation… Witch Hunter Tessene and Assassin-Inquisitor Imadeus chased rumours and false-sightings of the rogue trader vessel Winter […]

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T][tans – Medusa

… In an instant I beheld uprisen At once three hellish furies stain’d with blood: in limb and motion feminine they seem’d; Around them greenest hydras twisting roll’d Their volumes; adders and cerastes crept Instead of hair, and their fierce temples bound… …Turn thyself round, and keep Thy count’nance hid; for if the Gorgon dire Be […]

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T][tans – The Hoplite

T][tans – The Hoplite Been mashing this member of my dark Inq28 Night Witch warband together for while – okay, nearly 6 months – the main effort of conversion being making the spear – which I showed back here: W][P – The Hoplite – and the shield arm, so here’s some WIPS of that… Took this […]

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