… Ain’t Oils!

Mmmm… so I’m calling this oils experiment a non-success, primarily due to the time it takes to achieve effects that I can achieve faster with acrylics.

Here’s the result anyway, the lower portion of the Captain’s jacket with green and white oils:


And here’s the Hard Girl, with a comparison of Ratty’s robes all-acrylics Vallejo Dark Sea Blue with added White, and purple in the shadows; you can clearly see the Blue oils are a completely different tinge, and don’t match the retinue colors at all:


I’m not calling the oils experiment a failure, it has been interesting though frustrating – the learning curve for oils is a lot steeper than I envisaged, and as I have so little time for any hobby these days I need to stick with what I know.

Full pics of the Rogue Traders coming soon!

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