+ w][P – Standard Bearer +

WIP of Amazon Astartes number four – the Standard Bearer.

(She would’ve been number five however I’ve decided I don’t like Sister Dread so she’s waiting on the workbench for a re-build.)

This lass is built primarily from the second of the femme Sequitors; not sure which Stormcast the arms are from.

The head is an old Dark Eldar Witch one; going to use some greenstuff to detail the hair a bit.

Left shoulder pauldron is an old SM Terminator one with everything except the skull scraped and sanded off.

The small axe is from the old Chaos Marauder’s kit – an absolute gem of kit for bits; though I’ve replaced the plastic haft with my now-standard copper tubing.

The slung weapon is an SoB bolter with foil strap; the foil has been ‘painted’ with milliput paste to strengthen it.

The base is a greenstuff/Apoxie sculpt ‘cast’ of one of the previous cork ones in an attempt to speed up the base-build process.

Tossing about the idea of slinging a curved sword on a baldric low on the left hip.

Grey Knight terminator pauldron on the left side, replaced the Stormcast lightning bolt thingy on the front of the robe with an ][.

The standard is just a copper tube with the plastic end of a Chaos marauder spear, and as yet there’s nothing on top as I have to decide whether to make it a banner or something else.

Thanks for looking!


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