Three W][Ps

Been in quarantine for 14 days, so while nothing is completed – as is usual for me – here’s three of my current projects.

W][P the First – the Archer.

She started life as this model I randomly found on Amazon about a year ago:

Unfortunately, the horse section was badly miscast – actually, most of the model was pretty poor – so I decided to turn her into a bust as a modelling and painting exercise.

Also unfortunately, at some point I appear to have lost the hair sections.

So some armour repair and and an attempt to sculpt her flowing locks brought us to this:

Sculpting repairs to the side armour panels in my usual Greenstuff/Milliput mix.

The black stuff is Madworks thin superglue, it self-levels as it dries so it make a decent gap filler – over this I will use Mr Surfacer 500 to get a uniform surface.

The quiver texture was just awful, here I’m about halfway thru smoothing it down before I add some detailing.

And the hair… Mmm… Not so sure the hair has been a success.

Moving on…

W][P the Second – the Baron Not-Harkonnen

The image of Stellan Skarsgard’s Baron Vladimir Harkonnen rising on his suspensors in the Dune trailer immediately set the creative juices a-flow… just like the spice.

BNH started life from two main sections from two different models.

The upper torso and head of this Nurgle Writher-thingy (and the tentacle arm is around here somewhere…):

And the Deathguard Foetid Bloat-Drone tendrils:

So with some cutting and glueing and pinning and more glueing and a fair amount of Greenstuff I’ve reached this point:

The Baron Not-Harkonnen rising…

The lower section of his belly and the support pole will be covered in robes.

I cut the cable/tentacle section free from the upper bit, and reversed it to make a power module embedded into him.

Added a bunch of random cables and bits to fill it out.

And finally: W][P the Third

A new Femme Space Marine on the table – Sister Wrath:

Similar to Sister Sin, she will be made primarily from a female a Stormcast body.

So far I’ve just made her shoulder plate and her sword.

The sword is mixed-media – wire, brass, white metal, plastic part and styrene sheet – and built from scratch, since I broke the Warcry Cypher Lords blade I had brought with me for the task…

Thanks for looking!

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